We are not ready

… but we are on it full time as well as all the many other things necessary to offer you the best victim support service. We are in the process of gathering information and data about the needs of victims or witnesses; if you should be so unfortunately to become a victim or witness to a crime or traumatizing experience in Morocco. So please be patient with us, we are working as fast as we can and hope to be able to offer our free support to victims in Morocco from summer 2021. In the meantime you can learn more about us here

Being a victim or witness of crime can be traumatizing irrespective of the character and/or roughness of the crime. The traumatic event differentiates from the everyday life and causes often physical, emotional and mental reactions. Victims and witnesses can therefore be in need of a space to get support, advice and help whether it’s about finding a lawyer, psychologist or just to talk about the occurrence. VSM’s most important purpose is to ensure a trustful and safe place, where victims and witnesses feel secure to share and ask for help to get the legal and emotional support they need and are entitled to. VSM collaborates with other national and international associations and authorities to ensure a broad of references so victims and witnesses can get the support they need

We are many to support